Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some of my latest projects

Like I told you last time, I am completely addicted to felting at the moment.
I have been trying all kinds of, for me, new techniques like shibori felting and dyeing, cobweb felting, mixing colours and hand dyeing. And most of it turned out quite like I imagined.

I am completely in love with this one!

As you may have guessed by now, I am into chunky jewelry. Being 6.1" that is not really a problem ;-)
Next time I am going to make a chain necklace like this, I will take and post some pictures of the whole process so you can see step by step how I did it.

All kinds of blues and purples


I dyed this necklace after making the noodles. I first poured different shades of blue over them while already being stringed. After that I sprayed them with a "fun pump" spray in a purple shade.
In between the steps I fixated the dye in the microwave and found out that the nylon string I used could not withstand the heat so all the noodles ended up in a heap. I finally stringed them randomly on three thin rubber cords and this is what came of it.

Triangle set

Shibori felted

Partly cobweb felted, sprayed, stamped and splatted with dye

Shibori felted, partly shibori dyed and sprayed
I will gradually add most of these to my Etsy shop, with more detailed pictures, so I hope you will pay me a visit some time.

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