Monday, September 3, 2012

Felted mini backpack

Sometimes you walk around with an idea for weeks before it comes to life. I have a big notebook at hand in which I write down some features I want to work on in a piece, but most of the process happens in my head by visualising.

This mini backpack has been growing in my head over the past few weeks.

You can see the outline of the (white) inside pockets through the black wool, but somehow this adds to the square theme...

I used resists for the inside pockets. The first time I used extra resists, and it worked fine.

I went to the department store for thin black leather belts to use as straps, but in the end I came home with these braces. The belts were all too big, but these braces add a quirky detail to the backpack.

You cannot see this in the pictures but before fulling I have sewn the outlines by hand to make the outlines more distinguished and help with pressing the side and bottom folds.

All in all I am happy with the result!

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