Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My first day as a blogger. A completely new world to learn about, new software to master and what the .... am I going to tell you and put on my blog anyway?
Like it says at the top, I do not pretend to be anything special or do anything special. And filling a void in the world of blogs is virtually impossible as everything is already said or done somewhere. 
Instead, I will tell you a little bit about myself and go from there.

I live in the centre of the Netherlands, in a small town, with my husband, our two dogs and a bunch of (tiny) tropical fish. I work as a civil servant for the Ministry of Safety and Justice. My husband is also a civil servant, be it for another ministry.

This is Tim, a rescued whippet. He is 11 years old now.

And here is our little Gremlin called Beau, formerly known as Bambi, also a rescue dog. A chihuahua/pinscher mix. He is not allowed with his feet on the table so he found an alternative.....

My husband's features shall remain unknown :-)

I am an avid crafter, make a part of my own clothes and have an interest in interior design. I even started classes in interior design but I soon found out that I was looking more at the way things were made than how everything was arranged. Not the right choice then.

We live in a century old house, not too big, so arranging furniture is not really an option. I make up for that by changing the accessories a lot!
We have been living there now for 13 years and a lot of DIY has been going on already. Which is messy and fun.

Enough for now, more to come!

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  1. Mooi begin van een schrijverscarriere!