Sunday, April 15, 2012

May I introduce: Narnia

Finally, yesterday, the new addition to our family has arrived: Narnia.

January 2011 our girl Toeke walked over the rainbow, after having lived with us for about 9 years. She was a rescued mix greyhound/whippet and she left a void, a really big void, which took us a long time to get over.

Toeke in 2009

But after about a year I found myself looking a rescue sites again, like Greyhounds Rescue Holland.
I wanted a type of greyhound again, as they are the best dogs in the world.

So, after putting in a request, looking at all the pictures of adoptable dogs, narrowing it down to suitable dogs for our family, we were introduced to Narnia: a galgo espaƱol.

A five year old happy go lucky needing a forever home.

And the waiting began... (6 Weeks feels like a lifetime, I can tell you!) But finally we received the word: a group of adopted dogs would arrive from Spain in the Netherlands on the 14th of April. With our Narnia.

Jumping in time: on the 14th, around 17:00 hours, a large group of (nervous) people gathered to pick up their new roommate. A lot of them with their already adopted galgo's.

Waiting for the bus

The unloading begins

First contact

Waiting for the last paperwork

A last pee before getting home

Where are we going?

My forever couch
Introductions to the other dogs went as well as could be expected: no problem with Tim, our whippet, a lot of growling and yapping from Beau, our very jealous and possessive chihuahua/min pin mix.

Because Narnia doesn't know how to take the stairs to the bedroom yet, I spent the night in a sleeping bag in the living room. Me on the floor, Narnia on the couch (..).

The next morning
And here we are, after a good night's sleep, starting a new day and a new life with the five of us. With a bath for Narnia at the top of the to-do list!

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