Sunday, April 22, 2012

Running like the wind

It has been a week now since Narnia arrived and she is settling in nicely.

Last Friday we headed to one of the Dutch islands, Texel. The largest island in the Wadden region in the north of the Netherlands.
We have been there a few times already, with a succession of dogs. I must say, it is the first time we didn't have to find a vet on our first day... Probably because we didn't head straight for the beach this time as we hadn't let Narnia run freely outside a pen just then.

But, yesterday was the big day! We were taking her off the leash. Where could she go, right, it's an island?
Still, it's a big step to let a relatively new dog go free for the first time. Especially as it is a sight hound.

My heart stopped only about four times when she started chasing (the shadows) of some overflying birds and took off at full speed. I can tell you, she is even faster than our Toeke was! (Who was clocked during training once at 66 km/hr.)

As you can see, Narnia came back (pheeeew)...

Another nice side effect: they were pooped for the rest of the day! All three crashed on a sofa and didn't move a muscle for the rest for the evening.

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