Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Narnia is doing well and adjusting fine. We are getting to know her better and better and I can tell you: she has character! Most of the times, one correction is enough to make her understand when something is not wanted. But on some occasions she has her own opinion on things and her face and posture will tell you so. Usually that has something to do with food...

I am glad she is housebroken. She already knows how the dog door works and likes to be outside.

Yesterday she escaped (I know, I know, I should have been prepared when I opened the front door) and she started running up and down the street full speed. She was having fun! After a few times back and forth though, she came up to me and I could put the leash around her neck and take her inside.
We are going to a fenced dog park today to let her blow off some steam.

Tim accepted her presence. He is not sure if he really likes it or not as she can be quit boisterous, but he is okay with it. Beau on the other hand is really concerned about his position so he is behaving absolutely NOT NICE to her. Every time she moves, he starts growling. And snapping, if he gets the chance.  But, as it is very tiring to be on the defence all the time and you can see it is wearing him out, his behaviour is already fading. Luckily she is not really impressed by him and keeps inviting him to play, so he will eventually find out that it is not all bad with a new dog in the house.

All snuggled up on her bed
Today we will start with training her to take the stairs so my hubby will not have to carry her up and down to go to bed.

And a few more minutes of alone time with the other dogs while we are out of the house. I am afraid being alone will prove to be the biggest hurdle to take...

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